Non urgent

Register your damage preferably by email at or call us at 040 - 290 73 99. We would like to give you advice first, and can help you with the paper work, communicate with the insurance companies and inform you about the conclusion of the claim.

Report your damage digitially via the portal here.


When you cannot reach us immediately (i.e. in the evenings or on the weekend) and our help is needed straight away, you can call our 24/7 help service at 088 - 112 18 16

Residence or contents

Glass/Window damage

Do you have glass insurance with your AC Combipolis and window damage?

Contact AC adviseurs so that we can engage Uniglas for you. If the damage occurs during the weekend or public holidays and the window needs to be replaced immediately, you can contact Uniglas 088-8640016 for replacement.
You then report the damage to AC adviseurs on the first possible day, and we will ensure that Uniglas can handle the damage directly with Nh1816.


Always inform the police first in case of a burglary. Afterwards, you can contact us for the completion of the paper work. Please call 040-2907399.

Other damages

Please contact AC advisors at 040-2907399


Insure a new car outside office hours?

If you want to insure a car outside office hours, please send an email with the license plate + ‘meldcode’ (last 4 digits of the car-registration number) to

We give you temporary coverage from the moment you send the email, so you can start driving immediately. On the first working day after we received your message, we will contact you to discuss the details and make the insurance final.

Windscreen damage

When there is windscreen damage, you can contact Autototaalglas (0800 - 0828) of Carglass (0880-406406).

Car theft

Is your car stolen? Then it is important to inform several organizations: 

  1. Inform the police and ask for their report.
  2. Call the Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit: You can call them 24/7 at 055-741 00 01.
  3. Inform us as soon as possible, so we can complete your claim.

Other damages

With all other damages you have to fill out the European Damage Form with -if applicable- the other party. Please be aware that all parties involved must sign the form and fill out the reverse side of the form at home. 

Do you need to claim damage and is the other party responsible?

Then you can ask a recognized damage repair company to calculate the damage. Always fill out the European Damage Form as well.

After receiving the Form we will complete your claim.


Do you have travel insurance with your combination policy? When there is an emergency you can call the following number 24/7: 

0031- (0)88-1121816

Legal assistance

For legal help or to apply for a new case, please call:

ARAG: 033 - 434 2350

DAS: 020 - 651 8815

For other legal assistance companies, please contact us.

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