How do we work?

Taking inventory


During the first appointment, which is always free of charge and without obligations, we tell you who we are, what you can expect from us and what costs we charge you if you choose AC adviseurs to arrange your mortgage. You can also tell us your personal expectations and what questions you would like to have answered.


After the introduction, we map your entire (financial) situation. This to provide a complete as possible advice and to answer your questions.


Now we can show you:

  1. What your maximum amount of mortgage could be (we take your personal situation, as well as own funds and loans into account). Also we note whether you are eligible for NHG (Dutch national mortgage guarantee).
  2. What one-time costs you can expect. (e.g. transfer tax, notary, etc.) and whether you need own resources such as savings.
  3. Finally, we give you an indication of the monthly payments as they could be depending on step 1 and 2 and your personal preference(s).

With this information you have is a clear image whether it is possible to buy a (new) home or change your current mortgage (depending on your current situation). If you need any help from a broker regarding the purchase of a home? Of course we can assist you with that.


As soon as you have found a property (or when you decided to close your mortgage), we make a second appointment to discuss all mortgage- options. This to make sure that you can make founded decisions about your future mortgage.

We map the following information and advise you about the following matters;

  1. Calculating the final mortgage amount.
  2. What risks are there and what could be a solution? You can think of:
    1. death
    2. unemployment
    3. disability
    4. end relationship
    5. retirement income versus mortgage
  3. Based on the information above, we will make you an analysis report containing all the answers and solutions. This way you have an easy overview and with that information you can to make the right decisions.
  4. Also, we analyze all interest rate periods and corresponding monthly payments to make your choice even easier.

Together with our clear and professional advice, we can make the best choices!


Now we collect, check and sign the bank-offer of your choice and all other papers and documents needed to arrange the mortgage. We make sure you receive all important documents (bank offer, conditions and advice summary) on time so you have enough time to check everything.

After this appointment your advisor ensures that all mortgage documents will be checked by the bank and supervises the final acceptation. After that, the mortgage is ready to transfer.


In one or two weeks time before you go to the notary for transfer, we evaluate the entire process. We will explain you the final notary's invoice, we give you the last important original documents, arrange (if applicable) your monthly tax refund and we make a free comparison of your current insurance package (including the mandatory home insurance).

After this step, you are well prepared to take the final step to the notary and get the key to your new home.


Of course we'll be ready to answer your questions, in the years that follow. The entire process as described above has one fixed rate which is clearly defined and discussed with you during the first interview.

With this document, we hope to have informed you sufficiently about the process of a mortgage with AC adviseurs and what you can expect if we give you advise and take care of your mortgage.

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