Why choose Stad Holland?

Stad Holland is an insurer that works closely with expert insurance advisors throughout the country. For us, insurance means more than collecting premiums and paying bills. Stad Holland believes that everyone has the right to accessible and affordable, high-quality care. Everyone is accepted at Stad Holland, regardless of age or health. Together with independent insurance advisors, we provide services at the highest level.

  • Combination policy (combination between "restitutie" and "natura")
  • Free choice of pharmacy
  • Reduced compulsory own risk € 375,00 instead of € 385,00
  • Extremely good service and extensive coverage options!!
  • Extra 1,5% discount if paying per year
  • Wide choice of additional insurance policies
  • Up to € 15,00 discount if you opt for a higher own risk, monthly premium from € 140,25
  • Easy comparison module for supplementary insurance policies
  • Also accessible via Whatsapp 0652848284
  • Click here for terms and conditions, calculating your premium or directly applying for health insurance
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