Private tax service

Customers of AC advisors have experienced our perfect and pleasant service on mortgages, insurance, pensions and other financial matters. In addition to these services, we noticed that we are asked to support tax-related issues more often. Therefore from now on AC advisors provides tax services for individuals. We offer this service in the form of a tax service subscription. For a small monthly (or one time) fee you are assured of professional assistance.

Existing customers only pay (including 50% discount) € 8,95 per month (or 1x € 107,40 per year). All year through you can come to us for:

Taking care of your income tax

We take care of your yearly income tax. Of course we look for the most beneficial calculation.

Check assessment tax authorities

We are happy to help you check the provisional or final assessment.

Other conditions:

  • payment by direct debit
  • the subscription is always from 01-01 until 31-31 and annually terminable after the first year
  • per subscription we provide the tax for you, your tax partner + minor children living at home
  • If you have income abroad, you cannot use our tax-service.

For some special situations we ask bring an one-time additional fee. You can think of situations when completing an M (moving from abroad), C or F- tax apply or applying an averaging request. Of course we will tell you this in advance.

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